Critical Color and Surface Assessment (Just-normlicht)



Critical color assessments with standardized D50 and D65 requires luminaires that emit high-quality, CIE and ISO standards-compliant light. Specifically, the spectral values, color rendering indices, chromaticity coordinates and metamerism indices must be achieved and maintained with very low tolerances to reliably "communicate color" anywhere in the world. Even small changes in the light spectrum... read more

(Memo) SureColor P Series_New Cartridges

RE: Ink Refresh for SureColor SC-P9000/P8000/P7000/P6000 SureColor SC-P6000 SureColor SC-P7000 SureColor SC-P8000 SureColor SC-P9000 read more

(Memo) Discontinue of P-series Consumable_C13ST804xxx

RE: Discontinuation of P-series Consumable read more

How YUTO brings out color consistency for top brands using GMG color management solutions


GMG empowers YUTO, a leading company in the packaging industry, to achieve best results in color consistency. This video shows how our long-term partner YUTO helps his customers creating artworks from design to print and output predictable contract proofs efficiently, using GMG’s color management solutions GMG ColorProof, GMG ColorServer and GMG OpenColor. Find out more about the GMG Solutions a... read more

End of Life for SC-P7000 & SC-P9000 Memo


EOL Memo

RE: End-of-Life (EOL) of P7000 and P9000 Printers read more